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About GSI

PT Gunung Samudera Internasional (PT GSI) is a licensed Mining Contractor company (IUJP) that exist to service the rapid development within the booming nickle mining Industry. We are committed to continuous improvement of company performance through the implementation of new technology, good management practice, Good Corporate Governance and adhering to the highest Occupational Health and Safety standard with the aim of the delivering the best value to our customers while becoming amongst the best in the industry.

GSI Services

Mining Contractor

PT Gunung Samudera Internasional has the expertise as a full scope mining contractor company who performs mining activities from exploration to exploitation with final product sold to the smelter.

Mine Infrastructure Contractor

We specializes in the construction of all types of mining infrastructures needed to ensure a mine site can operate efficiently according to the highest safety standards.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Become widely recognized and in the lead by offering customers a reliable heavy equipment rental service. We have a variety of heavy equipment available for rental with standard market to full service rental options.

Manpower Supply

PT Gunung Samudera Internasional offers technical and non-technical manpower support for a variety of positions needed to support a companies development in the nickle mining industry.

Lubricant supply

PT GSI expanded its business to become a distributor of Petronas lubricants in Sulawesi through its subsidiary PT Gunung Samudera Lubricants (PT GSL) as good quality lubricants determines the performance and lifetime of heavy equipment.

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