GSI Corp


From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.

Philosophy behind the name PT Gunung Samudera Internasional

All work activities undertaken by both Entrepreneurs and Employees align with the core values of PT Gunung Samudera Internasional, which include:

Gunung = Mountain that has the meaning of high, big and sturdy

Company employees work and run the business with high integrity, big personality, perseverance and strong resilience in facing all kinds of challenges, obstacles, obstacles and all problems which is or will befall the Company.

Samudera means the vast ocean has the meaning of being broad, deep and flowing in all directions

Company employees have broad insight, in-depth knowledge, and can work and create in all fields and places.

International means global, between nations, between countries

Both the Company and the company's employees have global competitiveness, will cooperate and synergize with other nations and expand and develop their business to various countries.

Gunung Samudera Internasional = Mountain Ocean International

With high integrity, the Company and employees are willing to continue working and developing in every field and level of work with broad insight and in-depth knowledge to face all kinds of challenges globally to be come as solid as a mountain, as vast as the ocean.

Booming nickel mining Industry

PT Gunung Samudera Internasional

GSI stands at the forefront of the booming nickel industry, pioneering excellence in nickel mining. Our commitment at GSI fuels the advancements driving the growth in the thriving nickel sector.