GSI Corp

GSI At a Glance

From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.

PT Gunung Samudera Internasional (PT GSI)

is a licensed Mining Contractor company (IUJP) that exist to service the rapid development within the booming nickle mining Industry. We are committed to continuous improvement of company performance through the implementation of new technology, good management practice, Good Corporate Governance and adhering to the highest Occupational Health and Safety standard with the aim of the delivering the best value to our customers while becoming amongst the best in the industry.

Vision and Mission


To become the largest leading company in the mining and construction sector that continues to maintain its existence as a National Asset and Center of Excellence


Good corporate governance

To realize good corporate governance in order to preserve the interests of stakeholders

Advance system & Technology

Developing and creating innovative and appropriate systems and technology breakthroughs to increase the productivity of the company's business.

Quality of life

Realizing the professionalism and quality of life of the company's high, advanced and prosperous human resources.

Professional work environment

Developing an interesting and challenging work environment and professionally improving the welfare of the community and participating in developing the country's economy.

Community welfare

Provide quality services and product's while consistently committed to occupational safety and health (K3), operational safety (Km) and the environment